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In-house recruiters still add value too!

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Are the movers and shakers from within in-house functions becoming too reliant on utilizing the mass of technology tools; are they becoming more important than the recruiter, and can he/she be replaced?

The last two years have seen a massive emergence of technology tools to enhance and dramatically improve and assist the in-house recruiter for the demands of Direct Sourcing.

The success and commercial support for OnRec and the 2nd In-House Recruitment Awards is testament to the growth in the direct sourcing arena in the UK. There are many software companies with viable reasons to be actively showcasing their tools that are widely available to in-house recruitment professionals so they can better achieve their direct sourcing objectives.

Taking a snap shot look at in-house recruiter technology tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems, Assessment, Screening, Psychometric Testing, Tracking & and the use of video it’s evident how far technology has really come within the last 2 years alone. Back then, the suite of Social media tools LinkedIn, Google+ Facebook, Twitter were just a few must have tools in the box that we all used, we embraced some more than others and also spend a lot of time scoping and researching the new emerging technologies.

Commercially innovative packages such as Qandidate are particularly excellent, and come free. It’s an option for the Tool Box for sure, it’s a model that works well and adds exceptional value compared to other “Pay for it” candidate management and tracking tools.

So does this give the Talent Directors good reason to insist that more recruitment costs are reduced per hire due to the purchase of software?…